OHS Standards & Guidelines

Construction Safety

Three workers at a construction site
Standards and guidelines on safety of construction equipment (cranes, work platforms, scaffolding, etc.) and work practices related to use of these devices.

Electrical Safety

Two workers working on an electrical panel
Standards and guidelines on equipment, control systems, and work practices related to on-the-job electrical safety.

Emergency Preparedness

Five firefighters with a fire truck
Standards and guidelines on management systems, work practices, and personal protective equipment for emergency plans and emergency first responders (police, firefighters, emergency medical personnel, chemical emergency responders, etc.).

Equipment & Machinery Safety

A worker working with a machine
Standards on the safe design and performance of both mobile and fixed machinery of many types. Also includes standards on safe work practices and training for machine operators and inspectors.

Ergonomics & Human Factors

A worker sitting on a chair and talking on the telephone
Standards and guidelines on the ergonomic design of workplaces, machinery, and equipment. Also includes standards on ergonomic work practices.

General Workplace Safety

Four workers discussing workplace safety issues
Standards and guidelines dealing with general safe work practices and occupational health considerations for all workplaces.

OHS Management Systems

Two management team members at a warehouse
Standards and guidelines for managing various aspects of an occupational health and safety program – based on CSA’s Z1000 Standard on OHS Management.

Personal Protective Equipment

A worker working on a roof with personal protective equipments
Standards and guidelines on the design, performance, selection use, and maintenance of many kinds of personal protective equipment.